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Alexander Orthopeadic Associates | Foot & Ankle

AOA foot and ankleWe would like to welcome you to Alexander Orthopaedic Associates where our mission is to provide superior, comprehensive, and affordable foot and ankle treatments to our patients in a clinical atmosphere that is caring and responsive to both your current and long-term patient needs.

We specialize in traditional and innovative surgical services of the forefoot, midfoot, hindfoot, and ankle. We are committed to the deliverance of new conservative therapeutic regimens, cutting-edge surgical techniques and actively participate in professional education and advanced podiatric surgical fellowship training.

Meet Dr. Perler

Peripheral Nerve Disorders and Treatment

nerve-buttonDr. Perler has specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral nerve disorders including, compression neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, tarsal tunnel syndrome, morton's neuroma, recurrent neuromas, drop foot due to a common peroneal nerve palsy, and nerve entrapment in athletes including exercised induced compartment syndrome. READ MORE

Total Ankle Joint Replacement

ankle-buttonEnd stage arthrits of the ankle joint can be a debilitating condition. In the past the only really good treatment option was with either bracing or a surgical fusion of the ankle joint as joint replacements were very unreliable. Over the past several years, there have been many advancements made in the area of ankle joint replacement. 

Read more

Farewell Letter

Read a copy of the letter that was sent out to my patients regarding my move from Indiana to Florida.

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the privilege of serving as your foot and ankle specialist. ... It is with a heavy heart, that I announce that I will be leaving my practice here at American Network. ... My last day in the office will be Friday, January 16, 2015."

Dr. Perler's Farewell